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        Hello, my name is Elena Solodovnikova, I am co-founder and owner of ML Decor LLC. I graduated from Art Institute of Las Vegas in 2004 and worked for Concierge Interiors and Marcus Interiors as Assistant of Interior Designer for two years. Being Cirque Du Soleil performer for 18 years, taught me to channel my performance-based unique creativity into my work in the interior design realm. In 2006, me and my partner, Maria Akhlatkina (who is now very succesful Interior Designer of MVA Interiors in New Hampshire) opened ML Decor LLC. L Decor was nominated as Best Design of kids rooms in Parade of Homes of Las Vegas in 2006. Since then, we have completed a myriad of impeccable projects of all sizes. In November of 2014, I became a solo owner of ML Decor. Since I run ML Decor  in Las Vegas, I have ample access to World Market Center where I learn about the newest trends in furniture, textile and design. It helps me to provide my clients with newest and neatest ideas. What differs me from the other designers and decorators, that I always bring my own style into the project by adding to interior walls some artistic elements. Your space should have a theme that will reflect your personality and will positively influence your everyday.


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